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Elizabeth Caspian, MD

Dr. Caspian with Skippy-Doo

Dr. Elizabeth Caspian is a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry. She graduated from East Carolina University School of Medicine (May 1996). Following completion of a four year residency training program (July 2000) at the University of Kentucky she has pursued additional training: as a spiritual life coach with best selling author Alan Cohen,
 as a resiliency/compassion fatigue prevention specialist with Dr. Eric Gentry/International Association of Trauma Professionals, as a brain/behavior specialist with Dr. Daniel Amen, and as a therapeutic yoga instructor with the White Lotus Foundation.

Dr. Caspian is a self-published author of Relax Your Mind: Seven Steps to a Relaxed Mind. This book is featured in Sedona, AZ at the Andrea Smith Fine Art Gallery and has been a best seller at this gallery. You may purchase this book at the gallery website and/or at our website (details to follow).

Dr. Caspian is active in the community of Flagstaff, AZ as an animal welfare advocate. She and her husband (Barry, a middle school teacher) sponsor an afterschool club teaching middle school students to use their voices for the benefit of animals in need of their support.  ("Facilitating the power and passion of middle school students as they use their voices for the greater good is truly one of the most awesome interactions I could ever hope to witness", states Dr. Caspian.) 

Dr. Caspian is the lyricist and vocalist for The Hive Tribe: a band with a mission to inspire peace and love while sharing their passion for animal resuce with listeners. Dr. Caspian believes music is capable of helping people find healing and joy.  She and her band mates have been mentored by Karen Drucker/New Thought Musician.

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